Saving Retirement Income From Rising Health Care Costs by ERA BUSINESS SOLUTIONS STAFF

Saving Retirement Income From Rising Health Care Costs

How to avoid the negative effects of healthcare costs on retirement plans!

Your retirement income may be in danger!

You enjoy great wages and set up a marvelous retirement plan with multiple future income streams.

But these are precisely the kinds of things that may increase your mandatory Medicare premiums!

Medicare instituted tax brackets called IRMAA to determine your monthly payments according to your income, which could force you or your clients to pay 80% more than the basic Medicare premium!

This course will teach you what IRMAA is, how it could affect you and your clients, and how to convert your present and future taxable income streams into non taxable instruments to keep you on the lowest legal Medicare payment brackets.

What's included?

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Course Content

Welcome To Your Course!
Introduction And Objectives
PART I - Changes In Medicare And Their Impact On Retirement Planning
Introduction to Part 1
The "Catch" of Retirement Plans
Medicare IRMAA and
10 mins
The New Rules of Medicare
The Story of Mr. Jones - The "High Income Beneficiary"
A real and unfortunate case study.
IRMAA Income Defined
PART 2 - Improving Your Practice By Offering IRMAA Structured Solutions
Introduction to Part 2
WEBINAR: Increase Your Revenue With IRMAA Structured Solutions
29 mins
Increase Your Revenue With IRMAA Structured Solutions.pdf
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